Different partners are responsible for different stages of the manufacturing process. Besides the project consortium, there are different European companies working in close cooperation with the technology developers.

Duynie Holding (

At Duynie Holding, part of the international group Cosun, everything revolves around the processing of organic by-products from the food industry in the best possible way. It is a continuous challenge to find new, better and smarter applications for the raw materials. Duynie's approach has proven its success and the company has grown into a versatile group with a wide range of activities operating under their own brand names in specialised market segments. Consequently, Duynie Holding evolves in a different way to its primary competitors.

Hobum Oleochemicals GmbH (

HOBUM Oleochemicals was founded 1959 as Harburger Fettchemie Brinckmann and Mergell GmbH. As former subsidiary of a vegetable oil refining plant, the basic idea of this company was to develop new products based on vegetable oils and fatty acids for technical applications. Until today the company is processing renewable raw materials into very specialized oleochemicals and additives for the chemical industry. Top Quality products from HOBUM Oleochemicals are the basis for further developments and successful applications in various fields of the chemical industry world-wide.

IM-aces (

IM-aces is a technology and an innovation acceleration center. Its added value can be found in different segments of technology and at any stage of innovation.  We are unique in helping out at advanced level, by being practical and solution driven. We have combined more than thousand years of experience in one team, delivering broad expertise and hands-on knowledge. The team consists of (pre-)retired experts merely coming from multinationals, well educated, skilled and immediately useful. Each expert has built up proven references during his career, in his own field of expertise. It would be a waste not to re-use these capabilities that are of priceless value. Within IM-aces we have treasured all this, so we now can help small and medium sized innovative companies to find a solution in a most effective and efficient way, by saving time and most important saving total cost. We do not need much introduction and analysis time, we directly contribute to the result!

I = Innovation
M = Marketing
AC = Advice & Coaching
ES = Engineering Services