12 Oct

ERUTAN® is participating in the Dutch Design Week with lectures, presentations and a call

ERUTAN® is a revolutionary innovation for the sustainable production of textile floor coverings. This innovative technology enables possibility to produce other textiles than carpets with the ERUTAN® process. ERUTAN® presented its innovative technology on the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, from 22nd to 30th of October 2011.

25th of October 2011 “Participation and presentation
ERUTAN® participates in the programmes ’D-Day-Future of working, living, learning’, ‘Design Coffees’ en ‘Design Tables’ on Tuesday, 25th of October 2011.

Auditorium Design Cooperation Brainport
Torenallee 22-08
NL - 5617 BD Eindhoven
At 4 p.m. The ERUTAN® presentation is given by Christine Kempchen, Innovation Manager of ERUTAN B.V. to introduce the concept of the ERUTAN® innovative technology and Rose-Marie Kaanen (Director of Design Factory), who will explain her project E-Create in cooperation with ERUTAN®.

Dialogues House 040
Klokgebouw 50
NL - 5617 AB Eindhoven

Topic: ‘Innovation & Sustainability’ and ‘Creativity, knowledge valorisation & Education’.
Kempchen and Kaanen will explain what the ERUTAN® objectives are and what the ‘creative factor’ factor is in the development of ERUTAN®. Moreover they would like to discuss ‘how’ other companies and educative organisations can learn from this show case.

29th of October 2011 “lecture and contest
On Saturday, 29th of October 2011, at 11 a.m. Chris Reutelingsperger (CEO of ERUTAN B.V.) will explain the ERUTAN® innovation and technology in detail. Besides the explanation of the ERUTAN® technology he will present the context and meaning of this innovation.
We address the strategy behind the context to developers/designers, in order to stimulate them in using the technology behind ERUTAN® for the development of new products. We are seeking for a designer’s point of view to assist ERUTAN® in the up scaling process of the ERUTAN® innovation and technology. We would like to see the involvement of developers and designers in a co-creation project and will present their results during the FLORIADE 2012.
Place of the lecture on 29th of October 2011 from 11.00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.
Auditorium Design Cooperation Brainport
Torenallee 22-08
NL - 5617 BD Eindhoven
Free entrance, please register only in advance by sending a mail to

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