21 Jun

ERUTAN is the winner of Groen Lintje 2012

Chris Reutelingsperger, the inventor and founder of ERUTAN, has been awarded with the Green Ribbon of the local party GroenLinks in Venlo, The Netherlands! The jury chose ERUTAN from the three nominees: ERUTAN, Ugly Food and Pentair Haffmans. It was a close finish. All three companies score high on sustainability, green economy and innovation. An extract from the verdict: “Venlo is in the fortunate position to have such creative and driven entrepreneurs.”

ERUTAN has developed a new technique in order to produce a carpet that can be re-used for 100%. By means of its technique the material circle is fully closed, so waste is not longer an issue. The manufacturing process of carpets becomes completely green and sustainable. It is supposed that a comparable technique can be developed for textiles for clothing and decoration as well. Therefore, ERUTAN can have an enormous potential for other industries as well. ERUTAN contributes to avoid a shortage of resources and materials and intents to set up it production facilities on the Greenpark Venlo.

Peter Thissen from the company Thissen Installatietechniek, winner of 2011, handed over the innovation award.

If you want to read the complete verdict and more information about the nominees, click here.

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