02 Jul

Moving materials – a travelling and growing exhibition

Moving Materials is a travelling and growing exhibition. The design caravan will visit Essen, Eindhoven, Lancaster, Kortrijk, Paris and Helsinki. New materials will be taken on board at each location.

Moving Materials is evolving and developing in the framework of PROUD (People Researchers Organisations Using Design for co-creating and innovation) and initiated by Material Sense, the materials network and design studio. PROUD is funded by the EU Interreg. The exhibition will actively involve the public. The idea is to interact, discuss and co-create new concepts. This will take place in seminars and workshops during the exhibition.

The exhibition aims to shake loose opinions on materials. Get some movement in thinking. So the initiators are opening themselves up to what people feel about materials in the exhibition. What they hope and expect materials to mean for the future. To explore their impact on society. So your opinion is important!

Moving Materials will show and discuss:

  • New insights into repair and renewal.
  • Ingenious and  new manufacturing methods 
  • The affinity people feel for products and how wellbeing improves in the right surroundings.
  • Possibilities strong lightweight materials offer for everyday use.
  • Bringing down energy use employing solar and kinetic energy.
ERUTAN has been chosen as a innovative material that is travelling through Europe now in order to reach publicity.

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