08 Nov

Eco-Innovators Day in Brussels

The first ever "Eco-innovators Day" took place in Brussels on 8th and 9th of November. The conference gathered more than 200 contractors of Eco-innovation projects and European Commission representatives to exchange knowledge and best practices. This event was also the opportunity to present the first Eco-innovation initiative's results since its launch back in 2008.
A special matchmaking exercise gave participants the opportunity to meet other participants specially profiled to generate potential business partnerships. More than 70 manufacturers, marketing experts, sales representatives, and multipliers from across Europe took advantage of this networking session. (
ERUTAN appreciated to be one of the projects presenting and ‘warming’ up the discussion with some input from our project. During an open discussion, answers to the following questions have been given:

  1. How do standards or certification hamper or encourage the uptake of your eco-innovative solution?
  2. How could environmental legislation (e.g. waste legislation) and other policy measures (e.g. Ecolabel) promote your eco-innovative solution?
  3. Which other issues are keys to a successful market introduction of your eco-innovative solution?
  4. How should a future eco-innovation funding instrument look like in order to bridge more effectively the gap between technology and market up-take of eco-innovations?

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