30 Oct

And the (second) winner is…

ERUTAN was the second winner of the SME Innovation Award within the Dutch Province of Limburg. Although we are not on the first position, we were very proud of the publicity and interesting talks during the reception. We are convinced to improve in the next years!

25 Oct

NL Agency - Ministry of Economic Affairs

Within The Dutch Agency Ministry of Economic Affairs (AgentschapNL) publishes in their digital magazine “WereldZaken” inspiring stories about enterprises that are active on the global market and partners that offer support in discovering international markets. On 24th of October 2011 ERUTAN® has been demonstrated there as a show case.

14 Oct

Hallo Horst aan de Maas

On 13th of October 2011 the Dutch newspaper ‘Hallo Horst aan de Maas’ writes an article over the nomination of ERUTAN from Grubbenvorst, The Netherlands, for the national SME-innovation award..

12 Oct

ERUTAN® is participating in the Dutch Design Week with lectures, presentations and a call

ERUTAN® is a revolutionary innovation for the sustainable production of textile floor coverings. This innovative technology enables possibility to produce other textiles than carpets with the ERUTAN® process. ERUTAN® presented its innovative technology on the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, from 22nd to 30th of October 2011.

10 Jul

BBC News Technology

All-organic carpets could have multiple lives.

10 Jun


Dutch journal “Seasons” in June 2011: Een schaap eet gras, maakt daar wol van…

10 May

Boden Wand Decke

German trade magazine “boden wand decke” on May 5th 2011: ERUTAN® is the most environmentally-friendliest wall-to-wall carpet in the world, because this carpet consists of natural raw materials only. It is the first carpet on the international market that closes the biological circle for 100%

10 Mar

Wool Partners

Wool Partners wins exclusive supply rights for revolutionary all-natural fibre carpet. ERUTAN® is made using two new revolutionary technologies to create a 100 per cent eco-friendly carpet. Wool is processed using a chemical-free scouring process that uses 90% less energy than current technologies giving a substantial cost saving while another… 

10 Feb

e-Magazine “Innoveer”

Dutch journal “Innoveer” published by Syntens in February 2011: A carpet with deposit: In close cooperation with European universities we developed an environmentally-friendly solution for wool scouring

10 Jan

De Stentor

Dutch journal “De Stentor”, January 15th 2011, written bij Aribert Guiking: The manufacture of carpets costs a lot of energy and finally, carpets end up in incinerators at their end of life. By choosing to produce carpets in a completely new way, they can be used as substrate to grow new grass on or as substrate to grow food on. In other words: the environmentally-friendliest carpet in the world has been born!