31 Dec

De Limburger

Dutch newspaper “De Limburger”, December 29th 2010: ERUTAN® is a “growing” carpet, that does not only have an economic value at the end of its life, but that counters the depletion of non-renewable resources. This innovation will be demonstrated for the first time on the DOMOTEX 2011. This is the world´s leading trade show for floor coverings and takes place in Hannover (Germany) every year. 

19 Dec

Press release

Publication on Dutch website of “”: After the publication of a press release about ERUTAN® in December 2010 lots of editorial offices write about ERUTAN. This link is only one example of these publications. The press release deals with the most innovative development in the carpet industry since the Sixties. Instead of non-renewable resources ERUTAN® makes use of natural products only. At the end of a carpet´s life, the full carpet can be given back to Mother Nature.

10 Dec


Best Wool Carpets B.V. and Bond Textile Research B.V. introduce a carpet that consists of natural products only. After its use, the carpets can compost or as substrate to grow grass on it. Hereby ERUTAN fully fits into the natural circle