Production process

ERUTAN represents a revolutionary carpet production process and product based on entirely natural materials. ERUTAN stands for “nature” read backwards. An outlook of this innovative carpet production technology is shown in the figure.

ERUTAN is a sustainable environmentally-friendly development by reducing the impact on the environment. Only natural resources like wool and e.g. linen fibres are used. Wool is a renewable natural resource - sheep are sheared, the flock is kept extensively not being a burden to the environment. Synthetic materials for the pile and the backing are fully avoided. ERUTAN therefore deals with raw materials in an efficient and responsible way.
ERUTAN products are fully biodegradable and 100% reutilization in the form of agricultural substrates or fibre material after carpet disposal is possible. Therefore, ERUTAN is a biological closed-loop alternative for the textile floor coverings, and represents a revolutionary industrial concept and sustainable solution for the society and the environment.

Once a conventional carpet has reached its end-of-life, only a maximum of 20% of the pile material can be reused. Due to the fact that ERUTAN uses natural materials only that do not have an impact on the environment and that do not (bio) accumulate, the ERUTAN-carpet as a whole can be converted into a second life as a substrate in agriculture. That is why ERUTAN states that 100% reclamation is possible. Carpets do not have to be burnt in incinerators or processed by cement industry any longer, but serves as resource material for a second life application.

See the short video (in Dutch language only) in order to get a short impression of the innovative backing process developed by ERUTAN: